Pray For PCA

Our School Prayer Request for 2017-2018

1. WE pray that Every student comes to a full knowledge of Jesus Christ and receive Him as both Lord and Savior;


2. WE pray that  Every student soars academically;


3. WE pray that our Students grow in Godly character while building life long relationships;


4. WE pray that we would glorify the Father through His Son;


5. WE pray that every student would feel loved and accepted.

6. WE pray that our students would work hard in every subject.


7. WE pray that our students would be separate from the world and all its empty distractions.


8. WE pray that all of our parents would come to know Christ as Savior.


9.  WE pray for spiritual blessings to fall upon every household that is connected to PCA.


10. WE pray for a unity between parents, students, and the staff of PCA.

Philadelphia Christian Academy



201 W. Pine St.

Lafayette, LA 70501


Phone: 337-281-3682


Our Mission


The Mission of Philadelphia Christian Academy is to expand the Kingdom of God by raising up Godly seed and teaching educational excellence through a biblical world view that will transform our world for generations to come.

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